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The all popular childrens magazine BOMMARILLU in Telugu language, GUDIYA in Hindi language, BOMMAI VEEDU in Tamil Language, BOMBE MANE in Kannada Language, GULMOHAR in Marathi Language, will still amuse you as they did while you were children, the only different being it is reproduced and put in digital format.

Vega Entertainment has acquired 100% stake in the company that owned the famous series. The Printing, Publishing, Trademark & Digital Rights of the above magazines also rest with Vega Entertainment..The line of these books will be made now available in digital format in most of the powerhouse digital distribution.

The series of children books were a must have across Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada,Hindi, Marathi speaking household from 1972 till late in the 80s. The origin of the characters has its influence from Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Hindi folktales — and the sensibilities in the narratives is evident in the pages of comic books. The old, new and collector’s series will now be available in digital format for Tablets and E-Readers.

As E-Readers and tablets continue to explode in popularity, it's is important for Vega Entertainment to offer consumers convenience and choice in how they download digital children and graphic novels.

Hundreds of Ebooks, podcasts and Mobile Apps are waiting eagerly at Vega Entertainment to be discovered and downloaded by you.

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